About: One Of The Road

Welcome to 'One Of The Road'. Lets start off with a poem, shall we?


After The Prophet (One Of The Road)

A whirlwind subsides
As the weary Prophet
Looks skywards
And says, "Brother ...
Goodbye ..."

I watch Him go
Watch till He's one
With the earth 
And the wind
And the clouds

An eager eye now
Scans my road
All that lies ahead
All that I'll see, feel
And leave behind

The day will end
I'll be weary again
Lean to rest
In the dark under
A bright street lamp

I'll watch them
People of the world
Go by, hunched, with
Smiles you can't sense
And can't unsee

I'm one of the road
I step into the light
In all weariness
Stranger, stronger
Than they'll ever be

It's up to me
I know, they know too
And look to me
For I shine, a mirage
Of the hot road

I'm enlightened
I'll wait, not rush
Like the bright, pink
Flowers of the Atacama
Waited for rain


I am Kapil Pilankar.

I'm one of the road - I travel.

I am a simple person, with set simpler goals and aspirations: live and let live ... and travel. Why do I travel? I don't really have a set answer to that question. But, I'm not looking for an answer anyway.

I've learnt a few things when I've traveled. Travel begets responsibility. It gives in you a source of light that you can focus on the world to build a kaleidoscope of images and motifs. It also lends you a fine ear so that you can listen to the cacophony of sounds that surround you and decode their melody.

Travel also teaches you to wait. Be patient when things are not going your way. Keep a calm head, for there's always a way out. Sure, there's a trade-off somewhere. Travel teaches you to accept that as well.

It is my responsibility as a traveler to open this world for everyone, for I'm one of the road. Do join me :)

© One Of The Road


  1. Each & every word is inspiring. I am going to stalk each & every post of you.

  2. Those some beautiful and honest thoughts about TRAVEL!! It's a treat to read. Glad to discover your blog....
    Untraveled Routes